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The System - Create Your Account

Creating an account with the IARCSC's E-recruitment portal is easy and will take just a few minutes. You can choose to first prepare all the necessary documents for an application* and then start to sign up or start it right away and complete your account in due time as you are ready, but please be aware that your applications may not be processed until your user account is fully completed. 

Where to start and what to do: 

  1. Open the IARCSC's E-recruitment portal;
  2. Click SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT. It's a green button in the middle of the window;
  3. Enter your first and last name;
  4. Enter your active email address;
  5. Enter an optional password twice;
  6. Click on Sign Up
  7. Go to your email inbox and Verify Email; and
  8. Sign in with the verified email and password and complete the electronic form.

Your account is ready (keep your user and password in a secure place and use every time you apply for new positions). Good Luck and enjoy looking for jobs!

* A photo, copy of national ID, copies of educational documents, an official resume, and copies of the work contract listed in the experiences section. 

The Civil Service Appointments Board

The Civil Service Appointments Board's Vision that qualified and committed civil servants recruited through a fair and accountable process free from patronage. The board is responsible for merit-based, competitive recruitment of high-level civil servants (grades 1 and 2), grades 5 and 6 common functions, and monitoring of grades 3, 4 and 5 and 6 (non-common function) positions recruitment. In addition, it implements and supports recruitment reform programs in civil service institutions as well as assisting these institutions in establishing a strong and effective recruitment capacity. Its responsibilities include:

To identify and recommend the recruitment, appointment, promotion, transfer, retirements, pension payment and other personal matters of high-ranking civil servants for the approval of the President;

To ask LMAs to provide information about vacant posts;

To monitor appointments in LMAs, based on the relevant legal documents;

To report violations in accordance with the relevant legal documents.

The Civil Service Commission

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) was established based on Article 50 of the Constitution of Afghanistan, Presidential Decree No. 257, dated 1381 and later the Civil Service Law (1384), formed the legal basis for the creation of the IARCSC. The IARCSC is led by nine commissioners five of whom work at the Civil Service Appointments Board, another three at the Civil Service Appeals Board, and the General Director normally appointed by the president. In addition to the two boards, the IARCSC has three general directorates which include the Civil Service Management, the Civil Service Institute, and Administrative Reform Secretariat with departments in all 34 provinces.

The overall mandate of the IARCSC is to lead the reform of the civil service and recruitment of civil servants. The IARCSC believes that the following values provide us with fundamental guidance in our strategic intents, relationship with citizens, stakeholders and a cornerstone for the execution of our obligations. Its core values are: Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Inclusion & fairness, Meritocracy, Rule of law

The IARCSC's Vision:

An efficient, effective and impartial civil service administration that advances the country’s economic development goals and serves the interests of all Afghan citizens; 

The IARCSC's Mission is:

To lead the reform and professionalization of civil service administration and management and to recruit and develop civil servants on the basis of merit, through an impartial, transparent and accountable process.

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